Digital Designer
& 3D Artist

Multidisciplinary digital designer & 3D artist

Product Visualization

Creating beautiful eye-catching renders and animations for product commercials. Featuring raytraced rendering, lighting, professional PBR-texturing, and procedural shaders design.

3D Visuals/Promo for Events

Transforming your events into immersive experiences with vibrant 3D animations and tailored promotional visuals. These animations are curated especially for clubs, and music festivals.

Consulting & Lessons

Consulting for companies with an existing team to improve existing products and brands.
Lessons for private students about 3D design.

About me

Hi, I'm Giorgio, a digital designer based in Turin.
From a young age, I've been passionate about design and artistry, and I enjoy diving into the world of digital design and 3D art.
Beyond work, you can often find me playing the guitar, taking solitary walks, and experimenting with AI.